Techical Information

Your armor is the equipment that is equipped in the center-slot of a character's inventory, his torso. These are often the equipment that will provide you a high defense (Armor Value) while compared to the other kinds of equipment, but will probably be the heaviest piece of your set.

However, they are expensive, and you might spend much more money on your armor than on any other equipment piece.

The strongest Armor is the Magic Plate Armor (called also MPA), and the strongest available armor in Rookgaard is the Chain Armor.

Name Img Arm Weight Dropped By
Cape Cape.gif 1 32.00 Banshee, Enlightened of the Cult, Hand of Cursed Fate, Lizard Sentinel, Lizard Snakecharmer, Witch.
Coat Coat.gif 1 27.00 Witch, Frost Troll.
Green Tunic Green_Tunic.gif 1 9.30 Hero, Hunter

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