Black Wizard
Black Wizard
black-knight.gif 24200 hit points
12225 Experience per kill before experience multiplier.
Summon/Convince: -/-
Abilities: Melee (130-680).
Physical Energy Shot (125-385).
Manadrain (65-175).
Fire Arrow (250-420).
Shoots fire fields.
Energy Beam (185-345).
Casts Invisible.
Heals 800-1200 hp.
Est. Max. Damage: 1830 hp per turn.
Immune To: Energy, Fire, Poison, Paralyze, Drunkeness.
Strong Against: ?
Weak Against: ?
Sounds: None.
Behaviour: Behaves a lot like warlocks.
Field Notes: Field notes…
Location: Single spawn in caves at Isle Sombre.
Strategy: How to kill…
Loot: 0-150 gp, ink well, empty spellbook (rare), poison dagger, 1-5 dark mushrooms, 1-2 mushrooms, blue robe (rare), golden armor (very rare), Skull Staff, Ring of the Sky (very rare).
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