Name Image Arm Weight Required Level Required Vocation Dropped By
Boots of Haste Image:Boots of Haste.gif 0 7.50 Orshabaal, Necromancer, Black Knight, Hydra, Nightmare, Necropharus, Omruc, Serpent Spawn, Morgaroth, Ferumbras , Yakchal, Hellgorak, Zugurosh, Ushuriel
Boots of Waterwalking Image:Boots of Waterwalking.gif 0 ? None.
Bunnyslippers Image:Bunnyslippers.gif 0 6.80 Yeti.
Crocodile Boots Image:Crocodile Boots.gif 1 9.00 Crocodile.
Fur Boots Image:Fur Boots.gif 2 12.00 Barbarian Brutetamer, Barbarian Bloodwalker, Barbarian Headsplitter, Barbarian Skullhunter.
Glacier Shoes Image:Glacier Shoes.gif 2 7.50 35 sorcerers and druids Frost Giant, Frost Giantess, Quara Mantassin.
Golden Boots Image:Golden Boots.gif 4 32.00 Unknown.
Leather Boots Image:Leather Boots.gif 1 9.00 Elf, Witch, Dwarf Soldier, Dwarf Geomancer, Dwarf Guard, Troll, Swamp Troll, Island Troll, Black Knight.
Lightning Boots Image:Lightning Boots.gif 2 7.50 35 sorcerers and druids Lich, Gravelord Oshuran.
Magma Boots Image:Magma Boots.gif 2 7.50 35 sorcerers and druids Orc Warlord, Dragon Lord Hatchling, Diabolic Imp.
Patched Boots Image:Patched Boots.gif 2 10.00 None.
Pirate Boots Image:Pirate Boots.gif 2 8.00 Pirate Corsair.
Sandals Image:Sandals.gif 0 6.00 Elf, Elf Scout, Elf Arcanist, Dark Monk, Monk, Ghost, Spectre.
Soft Boots Image:Soft Boots.gif 0 8.00 Nothing.
Steel Boots Image:Steel Boots.gif 3 29.00 Behemoth, Destroyer, Plaguesmith, Fury and Grorlam.
Terra Boots Image:Terra Boots.gif 2 7.50 35 sorcerers and druids Dwarf Geomancer.
Worn Soft Boots Image:Worn Soft Boots.gif 8.00
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