Change Log

Changes documented for Years of Decay server.

The following spells have been added:

  • Create Life Ring - Voc: MS & ED. Mana: 500. Level: 50. Words: exevo orbis recuris
  • Create Infernal Bolt (x5) - Voc: RP. Mana: 965. Level: 70. Words: exevo con ecto
  • Medium Haste - Voc: K, EK. Mana: 80. Level: 20. Words: utani ky hur
  • Etheral Bolt - Voc: RP. Mana: 70. Level: 32. Words: exori exertus

Released new custom original map.

Changed Weight of Potions as below:

  • Mana and Health Potions are now 0.60oz.
  • Strong Mana and Strong Health Potions are now 0.80oz.
  • Great Mana and Great Health Potions are now 1.00oz.

Added 'Winning Lottery Ticket' to items.

Prior to 18/03/2008
Updated to 8.1 monsters and loot. May have some bugs.

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