Citizens Backpack Addon

Note: This has changed from the previous description as a new server map was initiated on April the 20th, 2008.
Information regarding this quest in relation to the new map will be updated once known.

Items Required:

  • 100 Minotaur Leathers

Monsters Encountered:

  • all types of Minotaurs

You will need to travel to Carlin and search for an NPC named Rick

after finding Rick you will need to talk to him about his Backpack

19:09 Boget [96]: hi
19:09 Rick: Welcome in my garden, Boget. What can I do for you?
19:09 Boget [96]: backpack
19:09 Rick: Ok then, are you prepared to hunt minotaurs for this?
19:09 Boget [96]: yes
19:09 Rick: Thank you Boget! All we need is 100 minotaur leathers. Come back when you have them and ask me about the backpack.

you will then need to Obtain an Obsidian Knife (Can be bought from Rashid in Port Hope for 10k)

Minotaurs can be found in Mintwallin. use the Obsidian Knife on the dead Minotaur Bodies and you will see Minotaur Leathers appearing in your Backpack (not every Minotaur drops a Minotaur Leather).

after Completing your Task of getting 100 Minotaur Leathers
find your way back to Rick in Carlin.

19:09 Boget [96]: 100 minotaur leathers
19:09 Rick: Did you bring me 100 minotaur leathers?
19:09 Boget [96]: yes
19:09 Rick: Thank you very much for your help Boget! Take this backpack as a reward.

Backpack Addon Quest is now Complete

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