Player Commands

The following commands can be used in-game.

NEW !charcomment "new character comment - Change your character Comment (on the YoD Character Information page).

eg. To create a comment like the following:

Comment: This is a test
that goes over
a few lines.

You would type:

!charcomment "This is a test<br>that goes over<br>a few lines.

!blessings - Shows a list of all blessings and whether your player has them or not.

!online - Shows a list of all charcters logged into the server. Does not show GM's.

!buypremium - Buys premium time for your account. Costs 3,300 gp for 30 days. The gp must be on your character.

!buyhouse - Buys the house of the door your character is standing in front of. The cost of the house is shown by looking at the door. The gp must be on your character.

!sellhouse - Sells your house to another character.

!leavehouse - Leaves the house your character owns. The character that owns the house must be inside to do this.

!deathlist "charactername - Shows the last five deaths of a character.

!uptime - Shows the current server uptime in hours and minutes.

!changesex - Changes the sex of your character. Costs 3 days premium time.

!serverinfo - Shows the various rates for the server.

!kills - Shows the number of unjust player kills your character has and how long until they are lost.

!createguild guildname - Create a guild (list all guild commands by typing !commands in the guild chat window).

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