Coins are the standard currency used in Tibia. The coins can be made of either gold, platinum, or crystal.
Gold_Coin.gif A gold coin is the most basic coin.
Platinum_Coin.gif A platinum coin is equal to 100 gold coins.
Crystal_Coin.gif A crystal coin is equal to 100 platinum coins, or 10,000 gold coins.

Each coin weighs 0.1 oz.

Gold Coins are dropped by almost every creature on YoD. Platinum Coins are dropped by the strongest among the new creatures introduced in 2006 winter update.

Alternatively, you may see amounts followed by the letter k. This likely derives from the latin kilo-, meaning "thousand". For example "5k" means "5,000 gp" (equal to 50 platinum coins). The notation "1kk" is sometimes used to mean "1,000,000 gp" (100 crystal coins).

(Note: Amounts in the "one million" range are typically only mentioned in the context of selling extremely rare items or as a payment demanded in lieu of being hunted.)

You can exchange your coins at any Bank NPC around YoD.

It's also possible to put coins in your Bank Account. Just ask the NPC to 'deposit', and then say the amount of gold, e.g.: deposit 15468. to receive your own gold from your bank account, just say 'withdraw' and the amount of gold. That way, you can access the gold of your character in every city of Tibia. It is now possible to deposit all the money on your possession at once by asking the NPC to 'deposit all.'

Another possibility is transferring gold from 1 character to another character. Just say 'transfer', the amount of gold, 'to' and the name of that character, e.g.: 'transfer 54879 to <name of character>'. The amount of gold is sent to the character you named. The character must have a vocation in order to receive a transfer.

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