Death Knight Of Krynn
Hellfire_Fighter.gif Death Knight of Krynn
3800 Hit Points
2200 Experience Points per kill (x multiplier)
Mana to Summon/Convince: Can not summon or convince.
Abilities: Melee (30-320), Fire Field, Fire Area (200-715), Explosion (150-250).
Est. Max. Damage: ?? hp per turn (16:34 You lose 703 hitpoints due to an attack by a Death Knight of Krynn.)
Immune To: fire, poison, lifedrain, paralyze, outfit, drunk, invisible.
Sounds: "Get out of our tower now!"; "Prepare to die for Krynn!"; "You have made it here, but you will go no further.".
Behavior: Acts similiar to a Hellfire Fighter but weaker.
Field Notes: Be careful while fighting them as they have the capability to hit for 700+.
Location: Krynn Tower
Strategy: Try to stay at full health while fighting them.
Loot: 0 - 100gp, 0-4 small ruby, soul orb, burnt scroll, demonbone amulet, wand of inferno, blank rune, fire axe, small diamond, sword, fire sword, magma coat, magma legs, dragon slayer, haunted blade.

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