Citizens Hat Addon

Note: This has changed from the previous description as a new server map was initiated on April the 20th, 2008.
Information regarding this quest in relation to the new map will be updated once known.

Items Required:

  • 100 Chicken Feathers
  • 50 Honey Combs
  • 1 Legion Helmet

Monster Encountered:

  • Chickens
  • Wasps
  • Bears
  • Rotworm (for Legion Helmet)

Talk to Raelene who is located at the Thais castle
she will ask you if you can help her collect some items.

first she will ask for 100 Chicken Feathers
Chickens can be Located just south of the Rune/Rod and Wand shop in Thais.

once you have retrieved 100 Chicken Feathers report back to Raelene

She will then ask you to Collect 50 Honey Combs
Wasps and Bears can be located almost anywhere over Tibian Lands so be on the lookout for the best spawn u prefer (Personally the spawn just north west of Thais North Gate by the Wild Warrior/Valkyrie is my Favorite)

when 50 Honey Combs have found there way into your backpack Report back to Raelene once again.

she will then ask for you to collect the Final Item, a Legion Helmet.
this can be looted from Rotworm's,
Rotworms can be found in Fibula, or in Thais Ancient Temple.

when you have looted the Legion helmet take it back to Raelene.

she will then give you your Feathered Hat Addon.

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