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Exp Rates:

  • Level 1 - 49: 15x exp.
  • Level 50 - 99: 10x exp.
  • Level 100+: 5x exp.

Skill Rate: 5x
Magic Rate: 3x


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How to connect and play.

Make an account and character on the official site.

Required files to play on Years of Decay.
TibiaLoader by Asparate
Tibia Client(8.1)
Perhaps someone will be nice enough to make a new page describing how to go about connecting to YoD using Asparate's Tibia loader. ;)

Alternatively, download and install the 8.10 Tibia client from the link provided above.

Skip the next step if you are not going to be connecting to any other servers including the official Tibia server.
Copy your 8.10 Tibia folder (normally found in c:\program files\…) and paste it into a new location. Rename this folder to YoD (optional).

Download the Custom client and extract or copy the files from this zip archive (you will need a program like WinZip to open the zip file) into your copy of the Tibia 8.10 folder (YoD).

Run YoD.exe and enter in your account information to connect and play (optionally make a copy of YoD.exe and paste a shortcut to your desktop for convenience).


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