Demons are the foulest monstrosities to ever plague YoD - they threaten our lives and our way of life. They must be stopped.

Creature Image Exp HP Summon Convince Loot
Dark Torturer Dark_Torturer.gif 3500 7350 - - 0-? gp, 0-? Platinum Coins, 0-5 Ham, 0-3 Concentrated Demonic Blood, 0-1 White Pearl, Great Health Potion, Death Ring, Battle Shield, Hammer, Saw, Soul Orb, Key Ring, 0-1 Assassin Star (rare?) Cat's Paw (rare), Steel Boots (very rare), Golden Legs (very rare), Vile Axe (very rare), Butcher's Axe (very rare).
Demon Demon.gif 6000 8200 - - 0-310 gp, 0-1 Platinum Coins, 0-6 Fire Mushrooms, Talon (semi-rare), Devil Helmet, Ice Rapier (semi-rare), Small Emerald, Orb (semi-rare), Platinum Amulet (rare), Double Axe, Golden Sickle, Golden Ring (semi-rare), Ring of Healing (rare), Stealth Ring (semi-rare), Purple Tome (semi-rare), Fire Axe (semi-rare), Might Ring (rare) , Great Health Potion (semi-rare), Great Mana Potion (semi-rare), Giant Sword (semi-rare), Demon Shield (rare), Demon Horn (rare), 0-1 Assassin Stars (rare), Golden Legs (rare), Mastermind Shield (Rare), Demon Trophy (very rare), Demonrage Sword (very rare), Magic Plate Armor (very rare).

Destroyer Image:Destroyer.gif 2000 3700 — — 0-180 gp, 0-3 Platinum Coins, Demonic Essence, 0-5 Meat, Plate Armor, Crowbar, Dark Armor, 0-2 Small Amethysts, Mind Stone, 0-12 Burst Arrows, Giant Sword (rare), Death Ring (rare), Great Health Potion (very rare), Steel Boots (very rare), Dreaded Cleaver (very rare), Chaos Mace (very rare), Skull Helmet (very rare).
Diabolic Imp Image:Diabolic Imp.gif 1950 1950 — — 0-75 gp, Scimitar, 0-2 Blank Rune, Cleaver, Pitchfork, 0-3 Small Amethyst, 0-2 Concentrated Demonic Blood, Demonic Essence, Double Axe, Guardian Shield (semi-rare), Soul Orb (semi-rare), Necrotic Rod (rare), Stealth Ring (rare), Magma Monocle (rare), Demonbone Amulet (very rare), Death Ring (very rare), Magma Coat (very rare).
Fire Devil Image:Fire Devil.gif 110 200 530 530 0-2 Torches, Pitchfork, Cleaver, Scimitar (semi-rare), Blank Rune (semi-rare), Double Axe (rare), Small Amethyst (very rare), Guardian Shield (very rare), Wand of Dragonbreath (very rare), Necrotic Rod (very rare).
Fury Image:Fury.gif 4000 4100 — — 0-? gp, 0-3 Concentrated Demonic Blood, 0-2 White Pearl, Meat, Demonic Essence, Terra Rod, Soul Orb, 0-1 Assassin Star, Crown Armor (semi-rare), Steel Boots (rare), Noble Axe (rare), Red Piece of Cloth (rare), Red Gem (rare), Golden Legs (very rare), Assassin Dagger (very rare).
Hand of Cursed Fate Image:Hand of Cursed Fate.gif 3850 18500 — — 0-150? gp, 0-5? Platinum Coin, Cape, Mind Stone, Emerald Bangle, 0-3 Concentrated Demonic Blood, Platinum Amulet, Wand of Inferno, Crown Armor, Knight Armor, Violet Gem (rare?), Golden Figurine (very rare), Abyss Hammer (very rare).
Juggernaut Image:Juggernaut.gif 6500 20000 — — 0-400 gp, 0-5 Platinum Coins, Bag, 0-8 Meat, 0-8 Ham, 0-3 Dragon Ham, 0-4 Concentrated Demonic Blood, Dirty Fur, Broken Pottery, Demonic Essence, Soul Orb, Great Mana Potion (semi-rare), Great Health Potion, Dragon Hammer (semi-rare), Spiked Squelcher (semi-rare), Demonbone Amulet (rare), Golden Legs (rare), Golden Armor (rare), Heavy Mace (very rare), Assassin Dagger (very rare), Mastermind Shield (very rare).
Nightmare Image:Nightmare.gif 2150 2700 — — 0-120 gp, 0-2 Ham, 0-4 Meat, 0-4 Power Bolt, 0-2 Concentrated Demonic Blood, Double Axe, Soul Orb, Ancient Shield, Steel Helmet, 0-4 Platinum Coin (semi rare), Demonic Essence (semi-rare) Death Ring (rare), Skeleton Decoration (rare), Knight Legs (rare), Boots of Haste (very rare), Mysterious Voodoo Skull (very rare).
Plaguesmith Image:Plaguesmith.gif 3000 8250 — — 0-? gp, 0-3 Onyx Arrow, Moldy Cheese, Piece of Iron, Silver Brooch, Dirty Cape, Crowbar, Battle Hammer, War Hammer, Club Ring, Steel Shield, Soul Orb, Demonic Essence (semi-rare), Knight Legs (semi-rare), Hammer of Wrath (very rare), Steel Boots (very rare), War Horn (very rare), Dragon Scale Mail (very rare).
The Ruthless Herald Image:The Ruthless Herald.gif — — — — Won't give any loot because you can't kill them.

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