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Hi Devil May Cry,

Thanks for remembering us :)

You can join the new server at (ip: port: 7171) and use the in-game account manager to make a new account.

Also, please be advised that will always be available (in case goes down for any reason).

The new rates are:
Exp 7x
Skill 5x
ML 3x


Its back? :O
guess its good i randomly remembered the server :p

i'll come back even if i have to make a new account
-nice to see it'll be back though :]

YoD is back.
8.55 Client
Port 7171

More to come soon. Hope to see you guys back.


As the title says.. Im very interested, Why did it go down in the first place? Does anyone still read these threads or is this post useless. Hit me up if read on my msn moc.liamtoh|seidnuyfmoc#moc.liamtoh|seidnuyfmoc
Im interested to find out if its coming back up me and quiet a few mates was talking about how good it was the otherday and hoping it would be back up soon.

Signed Dave.

Edit: Added both dave's yahoo/msn.
Also would like to know if anyone would reply to this.

dave should'nt of changed the map to rl tibia map lol.

i prefer custom maps most of the time because it feels like they made more effort to the server but i was gonna quit yod anyway coz it got annoying after getting killed by noobs after i froze, then the rl tibia map came out and i would have to restart all over because i had no money or anything. but if it does come back i mite start playing later on because it just seems to repetitive, killing stuff-back 2 house-supplies-killing-ECT

but cya guys for the meantime

Re: YoD Gone? by Devil May CryDevil May Cry, 13 Jan 2009 20:07

I am guessing YoD is gone for the time being, but in future I hope that it is re-released under a new name but the same person running it. People love RL maps these days, or so I think. And hopefully it will someday be back.

Thankyou GM Avatar for everything.

YoD Gone? by AsirixisAsirixis, 30 Dec 2008 04:46
Re: Bug? or what :S :S !!! by ShamanShaman, 07 Dec 2008 19:34

You mean all my items are lost?

Re: Bug? or what :S :S !!! by ShamanShaman, 06 Dec 2008 19:18

I have fixed the two rope spots in kaz that I found to be faulty, please advise if there are any more.

As for the items from the old database… I have made a last-ditch attempt at merging the new and old database together to try to bring over the old Priida items. If this does not work then I'm afraid that is all I can do without resetting the database for everyone else. Which I will not do.


Re: Bug? or what :S :S !!! by GM AvatarGM Avatar, 06 Dec 2008 03:35

Hello again, let me know when are you on-line to show you the bugs in kazz. If you can't find them or tell me how to upload pictures were i can take a SS .

Re: Bug? or what :S :S !!! by ShamanShaman, 05 Dec 2008 18:43

I'll have to check the depot transfer again and see what happened.

As for the Kaz rope spots, I'll have a look at the map tomorrow and try to fix those.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Re: Bug? or what :S :S !!! by GM AvatarGM Avatar, 05 Dec 2008 11:36

OK, Avatar did you send my items to darashia or somewere? because I went to the "Priida dp boxes" in ab' and its empty and im 100000% sure I had items in Priida before the update :S!

And there is a bug in the ropes spots in kazordoon, if you go down were you need to enter so you can go to the main entrace of kazz player can rope up again.

Bug? or what :S :S !!! by ShamanShaman, 05 Dec 2008 07:12

Changing of mind please send my items to darashia ! =P

W0o0o0ot? I found a terrible bug.. I can't use the rope on the "rope spot (ground)"

You mean that I will have them back?
My RL Lady'Tenona whants her items back too :S

Hi Vade,

Thanks for reporting that. I'll look into it shortly.


Re: Bug Fix Request Thread by GM AvatarGM Avatar, 02 Dec 2008 23:49

Hi Shaman/Zantex,

As discussed in-game I'll see what I can do with bringing your items over from the old map.


Hello everyone, I'm back since a long time and recently I logged in and the map was another.. then I went to the dp and there was nothing of my stuff.. can someone help me with this please. Thanks.

22:46 The switch is broken. Please contact the GM.
Behemoth quest switch

Re: Bug Fix Request Thread by VadeVade, 02 Dec 2008 11:46

One question how the hell i sell loot? :D

Re: Test Server by VadeVade, 02 Dec 2008 09:18
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