Hero.gif Hero
1400 Hit Points
1200 Experience Points per kill (x multiplier)
Mana to Summon/Convince: Cannot be summoned or convinced.
Abilities: Melee 40-200
Aroow 20-120
Est. Max. Damage: 300+ hp per turn
Immune To: energy, fire, poison, paralyze, drunk and invisible.
Sounds: "Let's have a fight", "Welcome to my battleground.", "Have you seen princess Lumelia?", "I will sing a tune at your grave.".
Behavior: ??.
Field Notes: ??.
Location: Hunterland.
Strategy: ??.
Loot: 1-100 Gold Coins, 1-3 Meat, Grapes, Rope, Scroll, Bow, Scarf, Wedding Ring, Red Piece of Cloth, 1-13 Arrows, 1-8 Sniper Arrows, Green Tunic, Red Rose, Two Handed Sword, War Hammer, Might Ring, Crown Helmet (rare), Crown Armor (rare), Crown Legs (rare), Crown Shield (rare), Fire Sword (rare).
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