In YoD, players with a Premium Account have the option to rent a house or shop for storing items and sleeping.


Having a house offers many great advantages, here are a few of them:

* Controlling who has access to the house, and who can open/close each door.
* Storing an infinite number of items.
* Being able to sleep in a bed to regenerate Hitpoint, Mana and Soul Points while offline.
* Safely display your items to other players.
* Protection Zone.
* Like real estate in real life, over time houses increase in value.
* In houses with separate rooms, you can charge other players money to "rent" a room so that they can use a bed.

Getting a house

In order to get a house you need a Premium Account and enough money to afford it.

One way to buy a house in YoD is to simply visit the house you wish your character to buy. Stand in front of the door and, while making sure your character has enough gp, type !buyhouse in the console and press enter.

The other method is to look for other players that are selling their house. You might even offer to buy a house that you want, even if the player is not advertising that it is for sale. Sometimes they might sell it to you. Buying a house from another player is not dangerous since YoD has a safe method of transferring a house from one character to another (see player commands).

Losing the house

You may loose your house in the following cases:

* Your Premium Account expires
* You have not logged into the game for 3 months.

House rights

The owner of a house will always have all access to every room and door in the house, but it is possible to control access for any other characters.

There are two types of house access. The first determines whether or not a character is invited into the house. The second determines which doors they can open and close.

A player that is invited into a house can enter the house, and enter every room in the house as long as the doors are all open. If all of the doors are closed, then the character cannot enter the house, even if they are invited.

Guest List

This list determines who is able to enter the house. Any player on the guest list can enter the house, and can enter any room in the house, but they cannot open or close any doors. Therefore, if the front door is closed, the player will not be able to get in, even if they are invited (see section on Door Access below). Owners and Sub-Owners can edit the guest list by standing in the house and using the aleta sio spell.

You are also able to use some wildcard characters in this list. * can be used to replace any number of letters and ? can be used to replace a single letter.


Sub-owners of a house have the ability to edit the Guest List and kick other characters out. Owners can edit the list of Sub-Owners by standing in the house and using the aleta som spell.

Door Access

Door access lists determine which players are able to open and close specific doors. There is a separate door access list for each door in the house, including the front door. Owners can edit the door access list by facing the door, and using the aleta grav spell. These lists work in the same way as the Guest List.

House Spells

Access to a house is controlled by using the following house spells. The owner and sub-owners of the house can use these spells.

* aleta sio - Edit guest list
o Edit the list of characters that are invited into the house.
* aleta som - Edit sub-owners
o Edit the list of sub-owners of the house. This spell can only be used by the main owner.
* alana sio "Character Name" - Kick Character
o This will teleport Character Name out of the house. You can also use this spell on yourself to teleport out of anyone's house, otherwise only Owners and Sub-Owners can use this spell.
* aleta grav - Edit door rights.
o Use this spell when facing a door in the house. Edit the list of characters that can open and close the selected door. Caution: all invited characters can walk through open doors, even if they do not have door rights.

Decorating your house

YoD has many options for decorating your house. Most people like to lay their prized possessions on the floor so that everyone can see how powerful and accomplished they are. Some people use Furniture to decorate their house, and almost everyone has some kind of wall hanging, like a Wall Mirror or a Tapestry. Some people even have more exotic decorations, like Model Ships, Telescopes, Rocking Horses, and Christmas Trees.

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