Hunting Areas

This section briefly covers a few of the hunting areas around Priida. Each area is listed with a description of where the area is, monsters in that area. Notes acompany each area which detail suggested strategies.
Of course there are many, many more hunting areas than what is mentioned here.

Area Location Encounters Notes
Rotworm Caves Priida Sewers Rotworms This is the first place you should consider hunting. Rotworms are easy enough to kill with your starting equipment and provide gold and ham (which can be sold to Franko for 3gp each).
Priida Graveyard (surface) Priida Graveyard (north of Priida) Skeletons, Ghouls and smaller critters This is a good hunting area once you have gained a few levels in the rotworm caves. Be cautious though, the undead here can gang up on you when you least expect it.
Dwarven Peninsula South Priida Dwarves of all kinds This is a good area for hunting as the entrance is blocked with a stone that has to be opened with a switch. Many adventurers give up before looking for the switch.
Priida Jungle South West of Priida Jungle animals, All kinds of Apes and Lizards, Hydras, GS, Behemoths and Demons. The Priida Jungle graduates in difficulty as you progress through its denseness.
Mt. Kathleen East of the township of Priida The ground floor contains Goblins and Dragon Hatchlings. Venture to the first floor to fight Dragons, Dragon Hatchlings and Wyverns. When continuing to the 3rd floor, one will expect to see Dragons, Dragon Lords, Hatchlings, Tarantulars, and Giant Spiders. 4th Floor has Dragon Lords and Hatclings. 5th floor has Dragon Lords and Warlocks. 6th floor has Behemoths. 7th Floor you will encounter 2 demons. The top of Mt. Kathleen will contain a quest box with a demon horn.
Hunterland Travel north of Priida to a teleport. Hunters, Wild Warriors, Valkeries, Priestess, Hero, Black Knight, Dragon, Dragon Lord, Giant Spider, Old Widow, Poison Spider, Warlock, Demon Skeleton, Beholder, Hatchlings, Monks, Necromancers. This is a land of many hidden secrets ;).
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