1 - Setting up the game.


1.1 - Creating an Account
If you are new to Years of Decay, you must create an account before you can start playing. A Years of Decay account is like a personal register that will help you organise your activities in the online world. Relevant information such as punishments for rule violations, or your list of characters will be recorded in your account. You can check the status of your account anytime by having a look at your account page.
Since accounts represent players in the game each account must be assigned to an individual email address. It is possible for players to have more than one account, but we ask all players to hold no more than one account at a time.
While creating your account, you have to perform the following steps:
1. Enter Your Email Address
First, you will be asked to enter a valid email address to which you want your new account to be assigned.
Note: The email address is the key to your account. If you should ever lose access to your account, you can always get it back as long as you have access to the assigned email address. If you have lost access to the email address, and if your account is not registered, you will not be able to get your account back. For this reason you should pay attention to your email account and use a secure email password that is different from any other password you are using elsewhere. If you have a free email address, make sure to use it now and then because free email addresses are often removed by the mail providers if they are not accessed regularly.
2. Enter Account Number and Password
Take a piece of paper and write it down carefully. You should keep your account number in a safe place to make sure you do not lose it.
Your password, on the other hand, will not be displayed immediately. Unlike account numbers, passwords can be changed later on by clicking on the corresponding button on the account page. However, if you change it, you should make sure your new password is secure.


1.2 - Downloading and Installing the Client
Once you have created your account you should download and install the client. You must have installed this program on your computer in order to play on Years of Decay. It is relatively small, since most of the actual game is handled by a central computer usually referred to as a "game server" the client connects to via the internet.
(a) Download.
On the downloads page right click on the link to save the 2 download files. You will be asked to choose a directory into which you would like to download the installation file. Select the Desktop and confirm. Please note that the downloaded files require approximately 19 MB of free disk space on your hard disk.
(b) Installation.
Once the installation files have been downloaded Years of Decay is ready to be installed on your computer. Installing the YoD Client is easy. Simply start the installation file YoD_Setup.exe. The setup wizard will lead you through the installation process. You will be asked which directory you would like to install the Years of Decay folder to, what name you would like the Years of Decay folder to have, and whether or not you would like to have Years of Decay icons on the desktop. Once you have confirmed your selections the installation will be carried out. The complete folder will initially take about 35 MB of disk space. Note, however, that the client will require some more space in your personal documents and settings folder which could in the future increase up to 100's of MB once you have explored the full world map of Years of Decay.


1.3 - Creating a Character
Before you can embark on your adventure you need a hero of your own! Therefore, if you are new to Years of Decay, you must create a character before you can enter the game. To do so log into your account page and click on the "Create Character" button. To create characters you must give them names and select their genders as well as their vocation. Note that each account can contain up to 5 active characters.
1.3.1 - Choosing a Name
First off your character needs a name. You have great freedom in choosing your favourite name, but there are some limiting factors. For instance, your character's name cannot consist of more than 15 letters, and it must not contain numbers, special characters, certain words or combinations of letters.
Above all, however, the name must not violate the Years of Decay Rules. We recommend you select a name that fits well into the magical Years fo Decay, because this way you can help us to create a nice fantasy atmosphere for all players. Keep in mind that you will not be able to rename your character once you have made your choice, so you should really pick a name you like.
1.3.2 - Choosing Your Character's Sex
It is up to you to decide which sex your character should have. Of course, this will determine your character's outfit. Also, your character's gender will have an influence on certain situations in the game, but in general both sexes are equal in Years of Decay.
It is possible to change your character's sex later on if you have enough premium time, although players should not feel encouraged to do so. Because of this a nominal fee of 3 premium days is deducted from an account whenever players changes one of their characters' gender.
1.3.3 - Choosing Your Character's Vocation
In Years of Decay there are 4 vocation types:
Knights, Paladins, Druids and Sorcerers.
Each vocation has certain advantages over other vocations be it a knight's physical strength and hit points over a mage, or a paladin's ability to damage a target from a distance while maintaining a decent shielding skill as compared to a mage's shielding skill.
Choose your vocation wisely as this can not be undone. Once you have done this your character is ready to be made, click the 'Create' button.

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