News: 26th Aug 2008
Server is OFFLINE.
The server is currently offline for the next couple of days.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

News: 25th Aug 2008
Server restarted at 15:00 on 25th August 2008.
Bugs fixed at restart:

  • NPC Alderman deGrey is now working correctly and will provide promotions and insight into the deGrey missions.
  • Talk Action !blessings now works correctly without debugging the client. At this stage I am unsure whether all blessings can be obtained or if the 4 blessings max bug from 8.1 is still occuring.
  • Morgaroth has been removed from the Rhanda Pass to make exploration in that area a little easier.
  • Some attack spells had minor adjustments and exhaust was changed for all spells to 1 second.


News: 21st Aug 2008
Server restarted at 02:00 on 21st August 2008.
Bugs fixed at restart:

  • All talk actions have been added, including !blessings, lol, -.- and the rest we love.
  • NPC Lim Duhl will now only sell you what you have the capacity to carry instead of overloading you.
  • The Strange Document, part of the Alderman deGrey missions has been given it's name and description back.
  • Certain ramps and stairs that weren't working have been fixed.

There may have been some other fixes that I can't remember at the moment.

I am also currently working on enchanted gems/weapons for a soon-to-be update.


News: 18th Aug 2008
A new client is avaqilable in the downloads section. This ammended client should not result in any debugs.

News: 16th Aug 2008
The server has been upgraded to 8.21a. You will need to download the new YoD Client from the downloads section. I have done my best to ensure that this is a seemless transition but if you encounter any bugs please report them in the bugs forum.
Edit: You will also need to download the YoDCC.exe from the downloads section, and after you install the client replace the file located at Program Files\YoDCC821\YoDCC.exe with this one. This YoDCC.exe fixes the issue where your YoD maps are not available in the minimap window. A new installer will eventually be released.

News: 13th Aug 2008
Network crash at 20:50. I am checking through everything before I restart the server. Could take 10 mins.
Server is back online. Unfortunatlely during the network disruption player Ranger died. I have compensated them 2 EXP levels and 1 ML. Although I can not replace lost items I will also pay 50k as that is the cost of an AOL.

News: 12th Aug 2008
5 new quests introduced after last restart. Check the Quests and Completed Quests pages for details.

News: 3rd Aug 2008
The server is OFFLINE for the remainder of today.
Sorry for any inconveneince.
Edit: Server is back ONLINE.

News: 1st Aug 2008
The server is OFFLINE for maintanence. It will be back up within 2 hours.
Sorry for any inconveneince.
Edit: Server is back ONLINE.

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