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News Archive from July 2008.

News: 28th Jul 2008
I have added a Completed Quests page where you are able to look up a quest and see all the players that have completed it. This link is also available in the Server Links submenu on the top of the page.

News: 26th Jul 2008
There have been recent bug fixes including the issue where player summons would not follow the targeted creature.

News: 18th Jul 2008
The Official YoD 8.11a client can now be downloaded from the Downloads section. There are two parts to the download, totalling around 16MB. There are many benefits of using the Official YoD client over another Tibla client. In the future it will be impossible to play Years of Decay without using Official YoD client as there are plans for unused sprites to be re-imaged into new items.
A quickstart guide has been added for those that want to get playing a.s.a.p. without reading the manual (to be completed).
The upgrade to 8.11a has gone well and most encountered bugs have been fixed. Remember to post any bugs in the forums. Thank you for your patience during the upgrade process.

News: 16th Jul 2008
The server will be updated to 8.11 tonight at around 8pm. You will then need to use the 8.11 client to connect. More information will be released closer to the event.

News: 15th Jul 2008
The 8.11 YoD server tests are going well, and could be updated very soon. Below is a small list of some of the changes that the update will bring:

If using the new custom client you will also notice the following changes:

  • Your hotkeys for YoD will not change if you play another OT or RL Tibia.
  • Your maps will not be overwritten by another OT or RL Tibia.

Remember, you will need to update to 8.11 client. Here is a link to the modifed 8.11 client that you can copy into your 8.11 folder (will not work until update). Here is the link to the official 8.11 client.

News: 14th Jul 2008
Plans to update to 8.11!
I m currently testing an 8.11 server. All things going well I will probably release it on Friday. You will need to change over to the official 8.11 client with an ip changer or use the custom 8.11 client which will be released for download at some stage prior to the server change. This update will introduce the two associated potions along with other new features.
Stay tuned.

News: 13th Jul 2008
Server offline for update.
Update completed. Server online.

News: 13th Jul 2008
Server offline for update.

News: 6th Jul 2008
Tonights update introduced the new jungle settlement of Rhanda. Take a trip there from the boat in Priida. A few other spawns were introduced in existing areas to help with gaining addon items.
Hope you enjoy it!

News: 4th Jul 2008
The following changes have been made in the last restart.

  • Royal Paladins can now make Time Rings for all their mana at level 50.
  • Mages will now use all their mana at level 50 to make Life Rings.
  • Players can now buy multiple backpacks of runes and potions by simply saying, for example, '3 bp of' in front of the rune or potion they want.
  • The cost of 1 Ultimate Healing Rune has increased to 525 gp.
  • Spellbooks have been removed from the starting equipment and can now only be bought from NPC Lim Duhl or looted from various monsters.
  • The bug regarding blessings is still a problem and at this stage you can not buy all 5 blessings. I am working on this atm.
  • When a player advances in skills or levels other players should be able to see coloured text, advising what type of advance it was, rise from the player who got the advance.

That's about all I can think of for this post. Hope you enjoy.

News: 3rd Jul 2008
A few new quests have been added (check the quests section for more info).
Players can now check what blessings they have with the command !blessings. This will list all five blessings and whether or not your player has them. Check out the other player commands here.

All News.

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