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News from June 2008.

News: 28th June 2008
The server has been reset to a state of 1am (AEST) 28th June 2008 due to a database crash after a power outtage where the server is hosted. This outtage was caused by workers in the street and I have gone and PK'd each and everyone of them. Sorry for any inconvenience, and no, lost items, levels, skills etc will not be replaced.

News: 25th June 2008
Tonights update addressed the following, among other things.
Demon Helmet Quest has been fixed and now should provide happy questing.
Some mage spell damages have been increased to help keep the vocations even at higher levels.
Paladins should notice an increase to damage done by their distance weapons.
The Priida Undead raid has been fixed and all other high level raids will follow this trend ;)
+ Several other minor fixes/changes/updates to the map.
That's about all for now, happy gaming.

News: 24th June 2008
It has come to my attention that the Priida undead raid is taking it upon itself to occur and has resulted in many deaths in town. I will rectify this at approximately 7pm tonight.
Sorry for the problems.

News: 20th June 2008
There have been some changes to the server in recent days. Some of these changes are listed below.
* Some spell damages have been adjusted to try to balance the vocations some more.
* 4 new quests have been added. Including both the barbarian wig addon and the barbarian axe addon.
* A lot of new areas have been added to the map. Including a POI style area, pirates, elves and more. These areas will still be constantly updated along with existing and new areas.
* Also many action scripts have been added, as either in parts of quests or on general items such as the goldfish bowl (empty).
* Parts of the Wiki have been updated. Check the Wiki Links on the top menu.
As this is an evolving RPG server there will always be regular updates with new areas, monsters, quests and more.
Thanks for playing Years of Decay and hope you have fun here and continue to enjoy the updates.

News: 17th June 2008
The deGrey intermediate missions quest has been fixed. I will not give details of what was broken and what is now fixed, just suffice to say that it is now working properly.

News: 16th June 2008
Map update was introduced without problems.

News: 15th June 2008
A minor map update is going to be released sometime in the next few hours. There are not many changes going to occur but to be on the safe side all players will be teleported to the Priida temple before the server is restarted.
A game-play related change after the restart will be an attempt to remove the 'extra' exhaust that is added to your player's exhaustion time.
The server restart will be announced 10 minutes before the server closes.
— edit —
I wont be performing the update tonight. I'm just too tired and if something goes wrong I don't feel like staying up to restore the database. Expect the update to occur in the next 24-48hrs.
Sorry for any inconveneince.

News: 12th June 2008
Changes to the recent fishing methods have occured again. This is to have a more RPG feel to fishing. The changes are:
Fishing with the fishing nets around the map will no longer increase your fishing level, although you can still continue to catch fish with them. Using nets will also catch garbage such as fish tails and old worn boots.
Fishing with a rod now requires the player to use worms, 1 worm will be removed each fish you catch. Using this method to fish will increase your fishing skill, and as your skill increases, fishing with a rod will enable you to catch other species of marine life, such as green perch, rainbow trout and more.

News: 7th June 2008
The keen fishermen among you may be interested in the following changes to fishing:
If you are using a rod to fish with you will now need worms to be able to catch anything. As your fishing skill increases you may find yourself catching more than your standard fish. Those who are very skilled at fishing could even find themselves hooking a marlin.

News: 6th June 2008
The site menu/navigation is now at the top of all pages.

News: 5th June 2008
Various changes.
Not that many of you use her, but banker Tiffany has recieved an upgrade. She will now happily transfer money to any existing character.
A colony of Dworcs have been found in the Priidan jungle. Their totems show the way.
Players can now write a comment for each of their characters. This comment will be visible whenever your character page is viewed.
Guild owners can submit an image for their guild to be displayed on the list of guilds page. The best way to do this is to write a letter to:

GM Avatar

With a link to the picture. It will then be added within 48hrs to the site providing it is not offensive.
That's about it for this update.
Thank you.

News: 3rd June, 2008
Retirement of GM Astyyx.
GM Astyyx has decided to retire from his position as Game Master. I would like to thank him for his time and help, and also to wish him luck with whatever path his character may follow.
Please note, this does not mean I am accepting applications for Game Masters at this stage.
Thank you.

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