News: 22nd October 2008
The server restart today saw a few new features and bug fixes:

  • NPCs Gary and Steve are again able to assist you with quests.
  • All the Rainbow Shield enchateds are working.
  • A few new areas that were empty have now been populated with monsters.
  • A new monster, the Black Wizard, now spawns and drops a unique item. The Empty Spellbook can be transformed into other kinds of spellbooks/scrolls by a certain NPC.


News: 12th October 2008
The new YoDCC 822a client is ready to download. This client should not result in any chat window related debugs.
By the 17th of October all players will need to either upgrade to this client or use an 8.22 official client and loader or they will receive multiple debugs while trying to play.
Any bugs, comments or suggestions regarding the new client should be directed to the forums.
Download the new client from here.

News: 6th September 2008
Premium druids and scorcerers level 30 and over can now enchant gems at the holy shrines found beneath Priida depot.

News: 5th September 2008
Welcome to Halloween.
The Demon Oak quest is now available. Good luck to all those who try it.

News: 4th September 2008
Server update successful. Players will now have 7 new houses to rent in Rhanda.
There have been sightings of the Halloween Hare!
NPC's no longer use the NPC window to chat but have been improved in many other ways.
Report any bugs in the foums.

News: 2nd September 2008
New site layout for the front page. First spoiler for the Halloween update.

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