News: 30thd Sep 2008
The server is ONLINE.
You can now create/access accounts via the in-game Account Manager. To create a new account log in with the standard in-game account manager, 1/1. To otherwise manage your account log into the character selection screen as normal and choose Account Manager. At the moment new characters are scarcely clothed but I hope to rectify this shortly.

News: 22nd Sep 2008
The site is ONLINE.

News: 19th Sep 2008
The site is OFFLINE for the time being.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

News: 18th Sep 2008
In an attempt to correct the account creation/login problems I have reverted the AAC pages back to their original and as such some information is no longer accessable.
This new setup, although a bit messy, should be actioning properly and enable new account creation/logins without any problems (fingers crossed).

News: 10th Sep 2008
The server has successfully migrated to a new machine and is now ONLINE. Thank you for your patience during this upgrade and I hope you enjoy the added perfomance.

News: 10th Sep 2008
The server is OFFLINE for a hardware upgrade. This should be completed in the next few hours.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

News: 7th Sep 2008
2X Normal experience and loot today only!!!

News: 1st Sep 2008
Server is ONLINE.
The server has returned to an online status. A map update will be released in the next few days.

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