Pirate Marauder
Pirate_Marauder.gif Pirate Marauder
210 Hit Points
125 Experience Points per kill (x multiplier)
Mana to Summon/Convince: —/490.
Abilities: Melee (0-140), Spears (0-65).
Est. Max. Damage: 205 hp per turn
Immune To: Invisible.
Sounds: "Plundeeeeer!".
Behavior: As melee combatants they chase their opponents, but run in low health.
Field Notes: Most common kind of Pirate you can find.
Location: Pirate Island, accessible from a jetty on Sombre Isle.
Strategy: They rarely use their weak distance attack so Paladins can kill them easily from afar. Also, Knights and Mages shouldn't have much difficulty except to watch out for being drawn into larger groups (especially by stronger pirates that often wait in the second row) and surrounded.
Loot:** 0-80 gp, sword, torch, bandana (rare), chain armor, 0-2 eye patch (rare), pirate shirt (rare), piarte backpack, treasure map (pirate) (rare), dice (rare), goldfish bowl (empty) (rare), peg leg (rare), hook (rare).
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