These are the official rules for the Years of Decay server.

Failure to follow all of these rules can result in a warning, banishment or, in severe circumstances, account deletion. The rules are commonsense and intended for fair-play on the server. If you do not understand a part of the rules then please discuss it with GM Avatar.

Name Rules

  1. Players are encouraged to try to role-play and as such suitable names for their characters is preferred although is not enforced.
  2. Players may not name their characters if the name includes swear words. Examples are Shithole Licker, Pope Fucker, Dirty Old Cunt, Piss Drinkah, Suck mah Fucking Dick Bitch.
  3. Players may not try and name-fake another character, for example, Satana, AmarAnthine, Sexxy, Ourix.
  4. Players may not try and fake an official position, for example, GM Fagwit, CM Pullsalot, Tutor Ringo.

General Gaming

  1. Players may not use 3rd party applications (macros/bots/hacks) to play. This goes against our fair-play policy. Examples are Tibia Auto, Tibia NG, BlackD, Tibia Candy.
  2. Players may not exploit game weaknesses or bugs. Instead they are encouraged to report them to GM Avatar in a private message and to not exploit the bug. Examples may include, but are not limited to, a characters sword skill is going up one point every hit on a target, a character is able to log out with battle signs, a character is able to enter a protection zone after attacking another player.
  3. Players are encouraged to help each other out although this is not enforced.
  4. Players may not multi client. This includes on separte computers. The only time you may have the same IP address as another player is if you are both playing on a LAN. If you are playing this way then you may be required to provide proof that you are seperate players on demand from the GM.


  1. Players may not share or trade their accounts. There will be bannishing of accounts if anyone is caught sharing accounts. Anyone who has traded an account, or received an account (on or before the 4th July 2008) will have immunity from this new rule. They are, however, advised to not disclose their account past with other players.

These rules may be added to at any time and should be checked on a regular basis.
Last updated: 4th July 2008

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