Small Stone

Small_Stone.gif Small Stone
Attributes: Atk:5, Def:0, Stackable
Weight: 1.20 oz
Loot Value: 20 gp each
Dropped By: Goblin, Goblin Assassin, Goblin Leader, Goblin Scavenger, Frost Giantess, Stone Golem, Sibang, Gargoyle, Grorlam, Earth Elemental, Massive Earth Elemental.
Buy From: The Assassinator and Players.
Sell To: The Assassinator and Players.
Notes: Due to their low attack they are not commonly used as a primary weapon. They are frequently used for training of the distance skill.
Experiments have shown that on average 3 out of a 100 small stones will break, thus the chance of a small stone breaking is 3%.
The range of a small stone is 4 squares.
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