Starting Out

Welcome to the Years of Decay. (Related pages: Newcomer's Guide, Quickstart Guide).
The guide below could be considered spoiling information, so if, like me, you would prefer to explore and discover on your own do not expand the spoiler information.

When you log into the world of Primus for the first time you will appear at the Priida temple.

Priida Temple. Click below to Show/Hide spoiler information.

NPC Soraya. Click below to Show/Hide spoiler information.

Once you are ready, head south out of the temple and enter the first sewer grate you see. This will take you into the Priida sewers, where you should now hunt rotworms until you have at least 3,300gp. Immediately type in the command !buypremium to buy premium time (30 days for 3,300gp) for your account.
You can either stay in the sewers (recomended until lvl 25) or hunt elsewhere. Once you have made a further 250gp head out of the sewers and upstairs to the Priida market place and buy 1 ultimate healing rune (100 uses) from Lim Duhl. You are now ready to leave town.

Now you should be able to do the Noble Armor Quest which is also the area you should consider hunting for a while.

Do not enter any portals until your character is prepared, there is a reason that these areas are off the mainland, instead, head east of town, over the bridge, and hunt on ground level. Here you will find wolves, wild warriors and goblins. Do not enter any holes or go up any ramps/stairs or you may encounter dragons or worse.

Once you have gained a few levels you should be ready to hunt something harder and upgrade another piece of equipment, your shield. Return to Priida and buy up on any equipment your vocation should be using. Head to the boat (south/west of the temple) and go through the portal to Ursana.

Ursana can be a very cruel place so take great care here. Among frost trolls, winter wolves and mammoths is an encampment of barbarians, and a yeti also lurks the snowy fields. Proceed to explore the area and once you have encountered your 5th mammoth return to the jetti and wait for a respawn (4 minutes). By only exploring this much of Ursana you should be safe from encountering anything harder than the mammoths. Once you have looted 2 elephant tusks return to Priida and see Soraya in the temple.


Player: hi
Soraya: Welcome Player. Can I help you with anything?
Player: tusk shield
Soraya: Would you like me to make you a tusk shield for 2 elephant tusks, a dwarven shield and 100gp?
Player: yes
Soraya: Here you go, a newly fashioned tusk shield.
Player: bye
Soraya: Bye Player, don't forget your starting equipment from the hero statue or the chest here.
You see a tusk shield
It weighs 69.00 oz.

Any other elephant tusks you looted can be sold to Lilly, upstairs in the marketplace, for 100gp each.


To be continued…

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