Stealth Ring
Stealth_Ring.gif Stealth Ring

Attributes: Makes the user invisible while equipped.

Weight: 1.00 oz.

Dropped By: Ghost, Stalker, Pirate Ghost, Orc Warlord, Thalas, Demon, Quara Mantassin, Young Sea Serpent, Diabolic Imp, Spectre, Morgaroth, Omruc.

Loot Value: Negotiable gp.

Buy From: Players (made by Royal Paladins level 50 or above.

Sell To: Players.

Notes: Stealth Ring makes you invisible for 10 minutes. This item is of course great for hunting creatures that are not immune to invisibility (Such as: Hunters, Fire Devils, Demon Skeletons and Orc Berserkers). And for sneaking into places with large amounts of monsters that are not immune to invisibility. The Cancel Invisibility spell won't work while you're using this ring.

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