Ultimate Healing Rune

Ultimate Healing Rune
100 charge(s)
Item Class: Healing Runes
Spell Words: adura vita
Weight: 1.2 oz.
Used by: Any player with Magic Level 4+ and Level 24+
Made by: Druids. (Level 24+)
Premium: no
Mana: 400
Soul Points: 3

Buy made runes from: Lim Duhl
Rune cost: 575 gp.(10,500gp per backpack)

Effect: Heals the target. The amount changes with the magic level and level of the user.
Notes: Most frequently, a player uses this rune on himself, but it can also be used to rescue a fellow player or a summoned creature from dying.

Druids or Sorcerers using this rune on themselves are guaranteed to completely heal because their magic power is a lot higher and their maximum hit points are much lower than knights or paladins of equal level.

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