Ultimate Healing Rune
Ultimate_Healing_Rune.gif Ultime Healing Rune

Attributes: Charges: 100.

Weight: 0.50 oz.

Dropped By: None.

Loot Value: 525 gp.

Buy From: Lim Duhl - 525 gp each or 10,500 gp a backpack.

Sell To: Players.

Notes: Heals the target a large amount of HP. The amount changes with the magic level and level of the user. Most frequently, a player uses this rune on himself, but it can also be used to rescue a fellow player or a summoned creature from dying. It can also be used to heal a hostile creature. This is often considered a dishonourable tactic and usually only done when the creature is attacking a player you extremely dislike, in an attempt to "anonymously PK" that player.

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